Are You Kidding Yourself?

Are You Kidding Yourself About Smoking?


Research has proven that your body benefits from quitting, no matter how long you have smoked. Your body can even repair some of the damage that has been done. Your body will begin to function more efficiently. You will be able to think more clearly; your concentration and memory will improve. You will have more energy, strength and stamina; you will feel better, look better and even look years younger.

Smoking is a learned habit. Individuals have taught themselves how to smoke and how to enjoy smoking. When you continue to smoke for even a short period of time, it easily becomes a habit or automatic behavior. The unhealthy and desructive habit of smoking becomes automatic… just as automatic as one’s respiration, circulation, digestion and all the other functions of the body that are functions of the autonomic nervous system. These automatic behaviors and habits become deeply imbedded in the subconscious mind. So, in order to successfully change an automatic behavior, it is necessary that the individual make that change withiin the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a mechanism that provides the opportunity for the conscious and subconscious mind to choose to become a non smoker by incorporating the latest scientific research utilizing breathing and relaxation techniques, guided imagery, visualization and autosuggestion to communicate with the subconscious mind. Then the mind can replace negative, unwanted, habitual patterns with positive healthier choices enabling the individual to take control over those aspects of life that seemed to be controlling him or her. Hypnosis is a systemic approach to quitting by utilizing a logical progression from awareness of the smoking habit to motivation to choose to become a non smoker emphasizing the belief that each individual has the power within him/herself to make lasting changes in his/her life.

National statistics indicate that hypnosis is effective in about 90% of the time, while the nicotine patch is effective less than 33%. Chances are you already know someone who has quit smoking with hypnosis. Stop smoking and join the millions of other Americans who have become non smokers. With hypnosis, you can do it!

Venture Inward offers a Stop Smoking with Hypnosis Clinic every six weeks at their offices located in East Greenbush. The program is held in the evening 6:30 – 9PM; cost includes a FREE Hypnosis Stop Smoking CD and other Free support materials; and, most importantly, IT IS GUARANTEED!